Monday, 3 November 2014

- Be Yourself and Shine -

I realised recently that I hadn't written anything for this blog for the past year.
That's because it has evolved, as have I. Last year I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia and ADD*, and it's changed how I work. I've had to accept that I think and communicate differently from others, and that we don't all think the same way.
I've been given assistive technology, such as mindmapping software, and a pen to record audio notes, and I have realised that I'd been trying to think like others, and it's changed the way I work, to find the best way of doing things for me, to communicate more clearly and effectively to others, and to get my thoughts down when completing a task. 
I now use mindmapping tools, to see where everything is, and a pen to record minutes, as well as highlighting software to pick out key points. I've streamlined everything, got rid of my keyboard because typing on it slowed me down, and learned shortcuts.
I'm not suggesting that everyone needs or wants to use any of this, but I have found instances where individually, people have seen the benefits of the software - one person even got the same mindmapping software, and I plan to invest in it for myself for my home computer because it has allowed me to bring everything into one central place, so I have everything to hand. It really illustrates my thinking on screen, and I can move things around just as I wish to suit my needs.
In short, what this has taught me is that we all can evolve, and we can be ourselves at work, we can acknowledge our individual strengths and find creative ways of building on our weaknesses.
One of the things I have done as a result is to rewrite the newsletter that I used to write as part of this blog.
I now write it up on a flipchart, so I no longer type up minutes from the meetings, and I just note down key points.

This has made writing the newsletter so much easier, and fun again, where it had become a chore.
It made me realise that I wanted to reinstate this blog, that it needed a new name and new branding.
So this is my relaunch:
"Improve your Working Life - Be Yourself and Shine"
I think it's really rather apt, because Arctura is the name of a star, and each star has its role to play in the night sky.
* If you are interested and would like to find out more, you can read more on my blog "Dyspraxic Pioneer" where I write about all that I have learned since being diagnosed, about the condition, about the technology, strategies and help available, as well as what I have learned about myself, which has helped me learn to work with my strengths and recognise areas of development.

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